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Kristin Reiswig has always been a self-starter. The kind of woman who believes a little bit of chaos makes life worth living. Never one to hang her hat on “traditional” accomplishments, her pride and joy doesn’t come from a wall of accolades or a fancy degree. It comes from having survived her darkest days and come out on the other side with a heart that refused to harden. She tells it like it is because she believes that the world deserves that kind of honesty and it’s only in hearing that kind of honesty that we can grow as humans. And, she deeply believes that we all must grow. 


"She tells it like it is because she believes that the world deserves that kind of honesty."

She’s a mama with a warrior’s heart and a step-mama who has learned that unconditional love has no set of criteria that must be met before it’s awarded. It just is, and she believes the world needs a whole lot more of that. 

Frank & Chipper was born of all these things and, as the woman who never was capable of doing things small or quietly, her first steps out of the canna closet were never going to be subtle. Combining her passion for holding an open-hearted stage for people to bring themselves wholly and her appreciation for cannabis and the benefits it provides, this podcast aims to explore all the joys and wreckages of life, to shine light on the feelings we all struggle with but never talk about, to find the belonging, growth, and spirituality that sits at the core of us all, and to share it fearlessly.

So, in the words of Kacey Musgraves, “When the straight and narrow gets a little straight, roll up a joint (I would), and follow your arrow wherever it points.” Wherever it points, it’s welcome here.

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