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Essential Healthy Fats: The Ins and Outs of MCT Oils Kristin Reiswig June 5, 2018You should be consuming MCT’s every day. Okay, wait. Let me back up a little bit. First of all, if you didn't know, I'm into eating healthy, y'all. I like the balance, the results, and the science. I don't know what it is exactly. But I'm in love with this idea: I can help people make their lives better. That's why I do this. And this. And this. I want to help you. Okay, now back to MCT. MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. It's basically a fancy way of saying saturated fatty acids (sometimes called MCFA's). Unfortunately for us, this type of fat has been greatly reduced in the average American diet over the last few decades. The main reason behind this: false information that saturated fats are bad for us. [For more information on the nutso stuff we've been led to believe click here to watch Dr. David Diamond talk about will flip. I did.] Saturated fatty acids can be found in the form of MCT oils, grass fed beef, coconut oil, and MCT 143. Other foods that contain smaller amounts of MCT are butter from grass fed cows, cheese, whole milk, and full-fat yogurt. The truth is that we need healthy fats, people! The reason MCT’s are an essential healthy fat? Easy digestion, easy absorption, and a quick delivery to the liver where they positively affect your metabolism. These types of fats are not stored in your body as fat, but burned and used as fuel! Aside from fat burning their other amazing benefits to including MCT’s into your life.

  • Support gut function 

  • Contain antioxidant properties 

  • Anti-inflammatory benefits 

  • Help you feel full for longer periods of time

  • Reduces stored body fat 

  • Raise metabolic function 

  • Better digestion 

  • Balance hormones 

  • Absorb fat-soluble nutrients from some foods 

  • Helps heart health 

  • Improves energy levels

  • Antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties

“Ketones are what the body produces when it’s using fat for energy instead of glucose. Fat is our bodies preferred fuel source. There are four different kinds of MCT‘s. When looking for which MCT oil to use remember that the shorter the chain (lower number of carbons the acid has) the quicker your body can turn them into fuel. The fuel will be in the form of up more on those here. Regardless of what kind of MCT’s you choose, they will all be beneficial. Four types of MCT: CAPROIC ACID (C6)

  • This form of MCT oil might taste a little different and cause  a tingle in your throat. This is due to the high amount of caproic acid.

  • Coconut oil does not have high amounts of Caproic Acid in it. 

  • This form of MCT quickly converts to ketones 


  • This form of MCT is a bit higher in coconut oil. Approximately, 12%

  • Caprylic Aside helps you to have a healthier gut due to its strong anti-microbial properties. 

  • Second most efficient fatty acid after C6 because it converts rapidly into ketones.


  • This form of MCT can be found in coconut oil at about 10%. Turns into ketones quickly in the liver, but is a bit slower than the C8 and C6 formulas of MCT. 


  • Lauric acid is found in large quantities in Coconut oil. Approximately, 77% 

  • Lauric acid has antimicrobial properties 

  • This MCT is slower to metabolization in the body.

  • Can also be known as an LCT(long-chain triglycerides). Lauric acid is the most inefficient of all the MCTs because it can’t be turned into energy as quickly as the others.

The best way to use MCT Two words: Daily doses. You should start off with half a teaspoon and work your way up to a tablespoon. You want to start off small to avoid having stomach issues. Your body needs to get used to getting in those healthy fats, and no one wants to spend extra time in the bathroom. (Except moms of toddlers. You ladies have my permission to hide from those any time you like.) Some mouth-watering recipes At the end of the day, this stuff doesn't work for me unless it tastes good. I like yummy food, don't you?!? Fat Coffee Fat Coffee Recipe 8oz of your favorite organic brewed coffee (I love Hazelnut Creme! ♥) 1 tbsp Kerrygold Butter 1 tbsp organic coconut oil 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream Stevia to taste (optional) If you have a Keurig begin by brewing an 8oz cup of coffee with the Kerrygold in it so that it melts as it brews. With a blender or Magic Bullet, add the whipping cream, coconut oil, and Stevia. Then add in the coffee/butter concoction and blend for about 20 seconds.  Homemade Mayonnaise CT Oil Mayo Recipe 1 Egg 1 tsp vinegar or lemon juice 1tsp Dijon mustard 1 tsp salt 1 cup MCT oil Place the first four ingredients in a blender. With blender on high, slowly drizzle in the oil. This should take at least 60 secs to drizzle all of it in. You can blend in garlic for aioli or Sriracha for spicy. A Tbsp of mayo equal to 1 Tbsp MCT oil. Salad Dressings Add to Smoothies, Shakes, or Yogurt Teeth Whitening Sunscreen Lip Balm Where to get MCT Oils MCT 143 Amazon Local health food store like Sprouts, Whole Foods, Natural Grocer, Viatamin Cottage, etc.  Tagged: MCT Oil, MCT, Ketogenic, Ketosis, Keto Help, Keto Lifestyle, Keto Reccomendations, LCHF, health and fitness, Healthy Fats Comment 0 Likes Share Mothers love until it hurts Kristin Reiswig May 8, 2018I am so stressed out about Jack and Rachel's schooling.  Jack is being a butthead, teenager. I'm pretty sure he got up after we went to bed and played video games all night. We are one practice, several MANDATORY meetings, extra expenses and scheduling conflicts in to Cheer and I hate it! Our lives are over. One of us has been sick at some point in time over the last six weeks. I think I am a failure at my business, motherhood, being a wife, housewife, friend, sister, and daughter. I was in a terrible mood yesterday. I hated the world and hated life.  Can you relate? I mean look at that list above! Would you feel overwhelmed?  I LIVE MY LIFE FOR EVERYONE BUT ME!! I could easily escape for a long weekend and find a small portion of my sanity back. Enough to make it to the next time I'm at the end of this cliff. But then I think..."Look at all the stuff happening right now. Me? Go on a weekend. Ha!" My household would fall apart! And I sure as hell can't add that stress to the list!  I'm tired. I'm tired of being the pack mule. Carrying the load of so many people. I am tired and worn. It's okay that I am feeling those things. It's okay if you feel those things too. Mothers love until it hurts. We show strength 'til it hurts. It is such a unique burden. It's a role that so many women can relate to, yet find no relief in the shared burden. Why do we do it? Why do we carry such heavy burdens? Do we bring it on ourselves? Is it because we are afraid of our kids. Afraid if we say anything to our kids they will turn away from us? Fear that we may be the reason they turn out the way they do?  Fear that the way we are raising them will not be "the right way"? Fear that our mistakes will haunt them, and us, forever? When reality is, no matter what choices we make, there is a risk of damnation.  So we don't take risks, we choose to live in fear. We hold it all in. We stack it on to all the other burdens.  But we should not be parenting out of fear. There is no fear in love.  I think we need to look at our motives, our driving forces. Is it because we judge ourselves by what others think of us as mothers? Are we judging ourselves by the happiness we see in others and letting that set the standards for our life? We need to truly let go of societies standards. Shedding the feelings of guilt and shame and start truly hanging on to and focusing on the goals we have set for our family, regardless of the "norm." We need to stop looking outside ourselves and truly look inside our own hearts. Set your own standards based on what it is you want for your family, your children, and for yourself.  Don't forget YOURSELF! Seek what is going to truly bring peace to your family.  When we are busy looking outward, we lose ourselves. When we lose ourselves, that's when fear and doubt creep in. Our innermost selves know this and it comes out in the form of fear, judgment of ourselves, and mom guilt.  Whether we stop to give it recognition or not, we get caught up in behaving this way--it becomes the norm. Then we find ourselves at the edge of the sanity cliff.  We have to let go of the fear of judgment from others. Whether a mom looks like she has it all together or not we are all struggling.  It may not be with the same things, but there is a struggle. Be open and vulnerable enough to share those struggles. If you fail to do this you will never find "your people". By "your people" I mean, the people who have been through that struggle and can help you walk through yours. The people who are in the thick of the same struggle as you that can empathize and support you.  We know what motherhood is like, right?! We should not be judging other moms. Their struggles, their convictions, their standards, their kids' struggles, are not yours. Start looking at other moms, other women, through eyes of best intentions. We want what is best for our kids. Why would any other mother be different? When we judge other moms it is harmful to them and to yourself. When we judge others we are unknowingly judging ourselves and putting standards and restrictions on ourselves. When we give others grace, we give ourselves grace. Moms, we need all the grace we can to get through this thing called parenting!  Struggle well, Kristin <3 Tagged: Motherhood Comment 2 Likes Share

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