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Living in the Gray

Kristin Reiswig March 3, 2018

Real life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns It isn’t what most people portray on social media. I’m a glass half empty person. Or a realist as I like to call it. People can’t be happy all the time. And they shouldn’t. We have to experience all of life’s emotions. We shouldn’t label any emotion as a good one or a bad one. They should just be an emotion with no judgement attached. It’s what we do about our emotions that matters. Human beings are not designed to feel happy all the time, and the emotions we have labeled as negative serve a purpose. Emotions like sadness, anger, anxiety. These are all signals that you should pay attention. These emotions can serve as a catalyst for you to make a change. Trying to push down and ignore feelings like this can actually cause more harm than good. You may actually start feeling more of those emotions. I think the reason behind me saying I’m a realist is because I tend to be an all or nothing, black and white, type thinker. I have a hard time living in the gray. I focus on the extreme ends of the spectrum too much. Looking at things as a complete failure or a complete success. Good or bad. Happy or unhappy. I need to start living in the gray more. Recognizing that just because everything didn’t or hasn’t happened exactly according to plan that I miss the opportunity in the imperfections.

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Kristin Reiswig February 28, 2018

Before last night I had listened to this song half a dozen times as it came up on my Mumford & Sons Pandora station. I screenshot the song a few times when it came on because it was a song I really liked. I wanted to buy it! There was just something I loved about this song. I didn't even know the words until I looked them up last night. It just spoke to me, and now I know the reason why...

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