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Peek Behind the Curtain: The Breakthrough Formula – Keto OS Ingredients

Kristin Reiswig February 8, 2018

A LITTLE BIT OF BACKGROUND The upside of Keto OS is that it allows you to enter ketosis far faster than you could by adopting a full keto diet. The Pruvit Ketone Operating System, also known as Keto OS is an exogenous ketone drink. This product provides a multitude of benefits, ranging from athletic performance enhancement, more efficient weight loss, cognitive improvement, anti-inflammatory properties, better sleep, among other things. Drinking Keto OS puts the body into a fat-burning state instead of burning carbs/glucose, a state known as ketosis).  It is quite difficult for your body to reach a state of ketosis. It can take weeks or even months of a strict Ketogenic diet to get your body to break through the barriers of carbs and proteins, and finally begin burning fats for energy. It usually takes up to a year to become keto-adapted. Each Keto OS Max formula is designed to most efficiently bring you the benefits of ketosis quickly while giving your body the support it needs while in the diet.  Each pack of this supplement is gluten-free and contains no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Also, all flavors are dairy-free except Orange Dream. Keto OS Max is a lab-tested proprietary formula. The Pruvit formula has been doctor-approved and has earned a certificate of analysis. Because each ingredient included in the product is added to help optimize your body’s performance, get your body effectively into the state, the result is a drink that is proven and expert-approved to give your body real, measurable results. This is what Pruvit had to say: Keto-OS is your “ketone operating system”. It was one of the First Therapeutic Ketone Supplements on the market. The proprietary blend is owned by Prüvit and is Dr. Approved, Lab Tested, University backed and the technology in Keto OS is patent pending, developed by one of the most world renown Dr.’s and experts on Ketosis. Prüvit was the first company to acquire the sub-license rights to use this patent pending technology (approved by University of South Florida). It is a powder that you mix with 8-10 oz. of water. Keto OS is the Pruvit flagship product and is the first product the company sold when it started back in 2014. Keto OS has a certificate of analysis for purity, consistence and efficacy. Okay, now that you have a little better understanding, let's get to the ingredients! And, of course, if you have any more questions, please let me know or join the conversation on Facebook. INGREDIENTS (LISTED BY PRODUCT)

Swiss Cocao

Beta Hydroxybutyrate Erythritol L-Taurine Fermented L-Leucine Cocoa Powder Natural Flavor Stevia Xanthan Gum Sea Salt Caffeine (de-caf available)

Maui Punch Beta Hydroxybutyrate Erythritol L-Taurine Fermented L-Leucine Malic Acid Natural Flavor Stevia Xanthan Gum Citric Acid Caffeine (de-caf available)

Raspberry Lemonade Beta Hydroxybutyrate Erythritol L-Taurine Fermented L-Leucine Natural Flavor Stevia Xanthan Gum Citric Acid Vegetable Juice Color Caffeine (de-caf available) Beta Carotene

Orange Dream Beta Hydroxybutyrate MCT Powder Non-fat Dry Milk Disodium Phosphate Natural Flavor Stevia Ascorbic Acid Malic Acid Caffeine (de-caf available)

Chocolate Swirl Beta Hydroxybutyrate Amino Acid Blend- L-taurine, L-tryosine, L-arginine, L-leucine Inulin(Chicory root) Natural Flavor Stevia Potassium Citrate Ascorbic Acid Butyrate Caffeine (de-caf available)

A LITTLE MORE EXPLANATION MCT Powder Medium-chain triglycerides, or MCT, is something that is commonly taken by those who are on a ketogenic diet. It is found naturally in many types of foods, including coconut oil, and in recent years has been used due to its fat burning and energy increasing properties. Due to the molecular makeup of MCT, it gets transported directly to the liver, where it is metabolized and as an end result creates ketones. Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) Beta-hydroxybutyrate is a ketone that is synthesized naturally by the liver during the initial fasting state of ketosis. See previous post for more details about BHB Natural Flavor There are three different flavors available when purchasing Keto OS. The original 2.0 formula comes in Orange Dream, and Chocolate Swirl. The Max formulas (contain 40% more ketones) comes in Maui Punch, Swiss Cocoa, and Raspberry Lemonade. Malic Acid Malic acid is a substance that is naturally found in vegetables and fruit, although the body also produces malic acid from converting carbohydrates into energy. Malic acid is responsible for boosting energy levels.  Stevia Stevia is a popular sweetener that contains no calories or preservatives and is extracted from the stevia plant. Caffeine Caffeine is added to Keto//OS because it helps in the absorbtion of the ketones. However, if you are sensitive to stimulants like caffeine, then Keto//OS is available in a non-caffeinated form. Calcium Calcium stores have been known to get depleted when in a ketosis state, so this is the most likely reason for additional milk ingredients, although they haven’t made it very clear. However, when looking at the nutritional facts provided, we can see that one serving size of keto OS provides 85% of your recommended daily amount of calcium.

What is BHB?

Kristin Reiswig February 5, 2018

[Transcript of video below]

WHAT IS BHB? Beta-hydroxybutyrate is a molecule that is considered a ketone body. It is one of the main molecules that helps your body produce energy in the absence of glucose.

Past generations relied on ketones (meat and fats) for energy when glucose(starches and carbs) wasn't always available.

BHB is made by our bodies. This molecule is essential if you using your own fat for fuel, or taking BHB as a supplement to increase energy production.

Ketones provide pure energy to fuel the human brain and other tissues. The elevation in ketones in your blood has been a rapidly emerging area of research and studies are continuing to show improvements in performance,

Ketones are a normal physiological substance that play many important roles in the human body.

Drinking ketones by way of BHB will quickly put your body into ketosis.

Ketosis makes your body start using fat for fuel. This means BETTER fat loss.

 It’s a “super fuel” of your body. It provides instant alertness and energy to the brain.

Sustained energy and better mood.

Better sleep.

Rarely does a nutritional based product come along that has the ability to make a measurable and substantial impact on health and wellness. 

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