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Kristin Reiswig February 5, 2018

We planned a visit!  We will be going to visit Ajijic at the end of February.  This will be the final deciding factor. When we get home and have time to wrap our heads around the visit and get everyone's feedback, we will make the final decision of moving or staying in the US.  We would love for you to be in prayer for us while we sort through all the things we need to, to make this huge decision.  I will let you know all about the trip when we return. You can also see our visit to Ajijic on Facebook

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Don't Get Your Hopes Up

Kristin Reiswig January 9, 2018

As soon as the kids found out that Matt got a job that would allow him to work remotely they had it in their heads that that meant we were for sure moving to Mexico.  We tried, we really did, to keep them from putting all their eggs in one basket. Of course, Mallory, our passionate, heart on sleeve kiddo, had the hardest time doing this. It was set in her mind. This was a done deal.  She started planning and making plans. Ha! This kid. Ya gotta love her. One of the plans she made was to label everything around the house in Spanish.  We are now in the phase of possibly taking a visit to Ajijic. We want to visit to confirm this is the right choice, and we feel strongly that everyone in the family needs to visit for that choice to be made.  We are also looking into schools and what options the kids would have while living in Mexico. Suprisingly, schools in Mexico are typically two years ahead of US schools. So there is a possibility the kids will have to repeat a grade. They will all have to go through assessments for placement. I'm really nervous about this. This is probably the thing I am feeling most apprehensive and nervous about. 

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