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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Kristin Reiswig December 15, 2017

Call us crazy, but we are still looking into the possibility of moving to Mexico.  We keep going through comparing the two options of places to move, but our hearts keep leaning towards Mexico. I mean, if we are going to uproot our family why not go all out? A couple things that make us lean towards Mexico:

  • Our kids were very receptive and excited about the idea. (not what we expected)

  • This would be an amazing cultural experience.

  • We could finally give generously to others. (due to so much saving on our cost of living)

  • Our kids would be able to know what it feels like to be a minority and what comes with that.

  • Learning a new language.

  • Our kids would get a world view instead of just having a peer view.

  • We will all realize how blessed and lucky we are and in return have a greater sense of gratitude.

There's only one obstacle that we can't seem to resolve....Matt's job. He needs a job that is a remote position, that will allow us to move yet still work in the US. 

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