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Are we crazy?!

Kristin Reiswig December 2, 2017

Are we crazy?!  A couple weeks ago Matt sent me the video at the bottom of this post. It is about a town just outside Guadalajara Mexico.  About two years ago Matt and I were actually evacuated to Guadalajara due to hurricane Patricia coming into Puerto Vallarta. We spent four days there exploring and doing tours while we waited for our new flight out. It was some of the best days we ever had spent in Mexico, and this was our 5th trip to Mexico/Puerto Vallarta. When Matt saw the video he knew the area they were talking about. He sent the video to me and we jokingly said, "Hey, if we are moving why not move there!" We have been looking into moving this past year due to different circumstances. Even though Idaho would be a beautiful place to live and allow us to stay in our "comfort zone", moving to Mexico seemed like an adventure, opportunity and cultural experince worth exploring. 

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Kristin Reiswig August 23, 2017

With some help from the author and podcaster, Cheryl Strayed, who put into words exactly what I was thinking--feeling, I wrote this: Intervention It is a complicated when it comes to intervening. Complicated and heartbreaking for the people who did not bring the problems upon themselves. Those people are unjustly, victims hurt by your actions but allow their love for you to be greater than the hurt you have caused them. Deciding to intervene is never an easy choice for others. Other people intervened on my behalf in my life. I was in my mid 30s suffering and in a deep spiral downward in my life. Self-destructive. Out of my mind. It was some of the darkest moments of my life. I was unhealthy, self-destructive, numbed and selfish. Thankfully, I had people see what was happening. In my denial, I fought with everyone trying to convince them (and maybe myself) that they were worried for nothing. I had my life under control and I didn't need anyone's help. I didn't want anyone's help. When I walked into my intervention I remember being furious. Rageful. Screaming. Cursing at the people who were there to help me. People who loved me. I felt ambushed. I remember thinking "How dare you to intervene!", "How dare you do this", "I didn't ask for your help!", "I don't want your help!", "I will never forgive you!" A lot of times when we are in our darkest moments, denial is a mighty force. I really thought they were in the wrong. Even though it was apparent to everyone, and now me, that I was in trouble. I wasn't thinking clearly. I didn't know where to begin. But the intervention allowed me to find my way back to myself. I don't know if I would be here today if people had not intervened on my behalf. It wasn't an easy intervention. I wasn't appreciative in that moment. But you saved me. You saved me in a moment, that ultimately allowed me to save myself. I have found my way back. What allowed me to find my way back was the intervention of people who truly knew me and cared for me and could see what I could not see.

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