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Kristin Reiswig

FB Fad: How Hard Has Aging Hit You? Kristin Reiswig June 30, 2019“How hard has aging hit you” The latest FB fad going around. I was curious, so I looked at my first profile pic compared to my most recent. This is what I saw. I didn’t see aging hit me hard. I saw a life that hit me hard. In my first profile picture I was a momma/step momma of a 9, 7, 5, 3, and 1 yr old. I was 29. Not even in my 30’s yet! I was on the cusp of getting ready to live out some of the hardest years of my life. My 30’s were hard. Full of disenchantment. Despair Darkness Depression Discovery Drowning in shame and guilt. Trying to be perfect. Living through a microscope of others and holding that microscope on herself. Someone who expected perfection from herself. Someone who was broken and trying to hold it all together. I may look younger in my first picture but I like the woman I see better now. My heart and soul are wiser When I look at these pictures I see a woman, a wife, a mother who’s been through hell. Some hell that I brought on to myself and some that was brought on by others. I see a woman who fought and still fights for her children. I see a woman who fought for her marriage. I see a woman who fought and still fights to find herself. A woman who has been through redemption. A woman who learned the value of vulnerability. A woman who intimately knows grace and its power. A woman who has been beautifully broken and lets the light shine through the cracks. A woman with a deep passion and desire to let my story be told so that it can help others. I still have so much more to learn and discover and ways to grow. Aging is a beautiful process if you allow it to be. It means so much more that fine lines and and extra pounds. It can be shedding pounds of baggage. Gaining strength from your growth. It can be laugh lines from all the joy you find in letting go. It can mean adventure and comfort in growth and finding your true self. It can mean feeling heart break so big that there is no denying you are living and loving others daily. I encourage you to be consumed with the light you shine. Let the life you live be one of authenticity Comment 0 Likes Share Is CBD Safe For Nursing Mothers? Kristin Reiswig June 30, 2019By far the biggest issue surrounding the use of CBD while breastfeeding is the lack of scientific research conducted on nursing mothers. There's just not enough research to know for sure. Virtually no scientific studies have been done on lactating mothers who use cannabis in general or CBD oil specifically, meaning its effect on newborns and infants is unknown. The few studies that have been done have shown inconsistent results on whether CBD oil will affect a breastfed baby negatively, or at all. Given the lack of relevant research, one of the most significant findings of the last decade in this sphere is the fact that cannabinoids are found naturally in human breast milk. Several studies have confirmed that breast milk contains the same cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant and they are crucial for correct human development. Endocannabinoids help teach a newborn baby how to eat by stimulating the process of suckling. If these endocannabinoids didn’t exist, babies wouldn’t know how to eat nor would they have the desire. The result would be malnourishment and possibly death. Again, I suggest doing your own research and talking with your doctor. This is a very personal choice. Comment 0 Likes Share

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