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Kristin Reiswig

Loosening the Apron Strings

Kristin Reiswig September 4, 2018

Jack has been asking...... planning...... umm plotting, to go see his brother and sister at college.  This holiday weekend he asked....and we said YES!! We let him drive ALONE, to Stillwater and Talequah, Oklahoma by himself, to visit Dalton and Avery at college. Some of you may be thinking...what?!?! But that’s why we are his parents, and not you. You have to start loosening those apron strings at some time.  So no judgement. Okay!  Okay! He had an absolutely great time with his sister and brother. I am so happy for him!!!  Some of you know, and other of you may not know our story of what we’ve been through. But this made my heart SO happy for them to connect ❤️ I am so grateful we trusted our gut. Let go a little...okay A LOT And let him go see them at college. I LOVE all my babies! ❤️❤️

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Keto Dranks!

Kristin Reiswig August 31, 2018

As Labor Day Weekend approaches.. and some of you are going to be partaking in some DRANKS. WORD OF CAUTION: When on a keto diet or using ketones, most people need significantly less alcohol. Please be careful the first time you drink alcohol after starting a  keto lifestyle. You may only need half as many drinks as you are used to enjoying.

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