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Kristin Reiswig

In the Waiting

Kristin Reiswig August 15, 2018

I’m doing okay. I really am. Life is hard. It’s hard for everyone. There are parents out there dealing with much more difficult diagnoses than we are. I don’t say this to minimize our troubles but to put it into a better perspective for us. I’m thankful there is treatment for her. We are praying she will show the same positive response as Jack did with his medication treatment for tics. Whatever the outcome I am confident that there is a purpose for the pain. I’ve learned through my own story- my own life- there is always a purpose for the pain. Holding onto that truth helps me get through life’s struggles. I am a student of life and it is a strong desire for my children to be the same. I want my kids to learn from adversity. Grow. Become stronger. Become more empathetic for others. Learn Grace. We don’t have answers. We may never have the answers. But I will teach my kids that He is in the waiting. He never fails.

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Doctors Appointments and Diagnoses

Kristin Reiswig August 13, 2018

We got Rachel in to see the psychiatrist today. Diagnosis is that it’s a tic disorder and not Tourette’s. Tourette’s is both verbal and motor tics, and she only has motor tics I also made an appointment with a pediatric neurologist that works with movement disorders. That isn’t until September 12th tho. They are treating her with the same meds as they did with Jacks Tourette’s. So we’ll see. The psychiatrist didn’t seem to think it was the Prozac but I’m still not convinced that it wasn’t the cause.  We may never know. Thank you for all your prayers and kind words. ❤️

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