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Disappointment and Rejection

Kristin Reiswig August 12, 2018

Update on our sweet, baby girl, Rachel. Unfortunately, not my much news. She’s been off her meds for six days now and her ticks have not subsided. So we are leaning towards a diagnosis of Tourette’s and not a reaction or side effect to the meds she was on. We started giving her the meds for Tourette’s to give her some relief. Personally, I couldn’t handle watching her in pain and ticking anymore. It’s so heartbreaking. We are waiting to hear back from the psychiatrist for an appointment time. But right now it’s just a give her the meds that deal with her ticks and roll with the punches. We are hoping to se some relief for her soon. She’s supposed to start school tomorrow. But we are not sending her and are working on getting her an in home tutor until we get her ticks under control. She is struggling. “If so many people are praying for me, then why am I still sick?” I’m struggling. I feel rejected by God right now. Why is He rejecting our prayers to make Rachel better? I get why Rachel says He’s not real. It’s a hard concept. If He is an all powerful, prayer answering, healing God...then where is He? Why won’t he deliver her from this? I know all the right answers to that question. I am just struggling with acceptance. I know this will be for her and us a stepping-stone on our path with Jesus…not the anchor that drowns us.” I know He’s in control. However, I am disappointed. I’m sad.

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Pacific Ocean Market and Soccer

Kristin Reiswig August 11, 2018

Today we went to Pacific Ocean Marketplace and had King pick out some familiar foods and favorite things from home. We are excited to try some new things! Also, the boys went to a Rapids soccer game together tonight.

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